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The African NFT Roadmap


African NFT partnered with 11 artists across Namibia and South Africa on its first NFT collection, the Big 5 NFT Collection. The mission of the collection is to provide these upcoming African artists with an opportunity where they can showcase their talents, express what Africa means to them through their art and have access to a global NFT community.

Profits will be distributed proportionally between the 11 African artists that help make the collection possible, our chosen charity (The International Rhino Foundation), the African NFT workforce and the rest will be reinvested back into the company to ensure that we have sufficient capital to begin our 2nd phase of the project. In addition to the automatic donation made to the IRF, utility includes holders will have exclusive access to channels within our Discord community and will be able to communicate and collaborate with them over any decisions or calls that need to be made. We want to involve our community going forward. Holders will also be able to utilize opportunities made available to them on the website for them to show what they bring to the industry to African NFT enthusiasts and visitors.



After the launch of the Big 5 NFT Collection, African NFT plans to launch an African community available to African NFT Collections, Tokens, Cryptocurrencies, Metaverses, Games etc to showcase their projects to fellow African Web3 enthusiasts all part of one community. Holders of Big 5 NFTs will be granted free promotion on the newly developed platform once it is live. African NFT will also be available for consultation sessions at a fixed rate to help enthusiasts successfully transition into the industry and to access the community effectively by using valuable knowledge accumulated by the African NFT team. 

In addition, African NFT will work with an Australian-based company, Avy Apps, on a platform that will connect African artists with a marketplace through academies across the continent. This consists of working with NGOs across Africa to educate and equip artists with the necessary information for them to have a headstart in the NFT space. Wi-Fi hotspot devices will also be introduced which enable artists to have access to an NFT marketplace whilst the company mines tokens in return.


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