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African NFT: An Overview

At African NFT, we are excited for the new year and all that it has to offer! We are particularly excited for everything that will be happening in the world of crypto, and in NFTs. We have only just entered into an ever-developing world of the blockchain, digital currencies, digital art and e-commerce, and we are looking forward to where it will take us! We have seen that the metaverse is making waves, offering a whole new online world of opportunities. It is certainly the new era of digitalization, and perhaps this year, Africa will be put on the map of the metaverse through its NFT art.

The African NFT Big 5 collection is now available on OpenSea, And each work is a unique and artistic depiction of the animals of the Big 5, who are the iconic representation of the African continent. They embody the wild and wonderful essence of Africa, its bold landscapes and its diverse cultures. African NFT is also committed to empowering Africa, by engaging in social outreach and corporate social responsibility programs. For this project, we have partnered with the International Rhino Foundation, to donate a portion of our products to aid the IRF in research and the conservation of the magnificent rhinoceros.

We understand that people have many questions with regards to digital art and crypto, questions that range from ‘what is an NFT?’, and ‘how does the blockchain work’, to more in-depth questions such as ‘is there a way to make NFT trading sustainable?’ We will try to answer these questions through our blogs, and open informative discussions, and engage with everyone who has questions and those who also have the answers.

Firstly, through CSR partnerships, we hope to help African artists, communities, and organizations grow and have a platform for exposure to the world. We also hope to increase sustainability and consider crypto commerce in a way that is environmentally friendly, in order to offset carbon emissions. At African NFT, we are not just about NFT art, we are also about culture, people and communities. That is why we strive to innovate and to develop our business practice to be as people-centric as possible.

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