Image by Gustav Schwiering

How to Buy

For those who want to buy an NFT but have no idea how to do it, we have prepared a how to buy section to make the process easy and stress free for your convenience. The Big 5 collection will be minted on the Polygon (MATIC) Blockchain. This is to accomodate collectors with low gas fees to ensure that the Artists who worked hard and long hours in producing these art pieces, as well as the charity, receive majority of the funds from each sale instead of having the collector pay unreasonable gas fees on alternative blockchains.

Setting up MetaMask

First you'll need something known as a "Web3 Wallet" such as MetaMask. Head over to 
Then, select either Android or iOS for the mobile application and Chrome for desktop.

Create a Wallet

Once the app is downloaded to your phone/extension is installed on Chrome. Open MetaMask and click "Create a Wallet". Then follow the instructions.

Link MetaMask to OpenSea

Head over to and connect your MetaMask wallet by clicking the profile icon and then selecting "MetaMask".

Fund your MetaMask Wallet

You can fund your MetaMask wallet directly in either Ethereum or MATIC (please note the Ethereum will need to be converted to MATIC when you purchase a NFT for a small gas fee which is far less than an Ethereum gas fee fortunately). If you already have Ethereum in your account you will be given the opportunity to convert it into a MATIC amount of your choosing.

You can additionally also fund your MetaMask directly from an exchange (Coinbase, Binance, KuCoin Exchange).

Purchasing the NFT

Once you have deposited the funds and the conversion has been completed, you should be prompted to confirm the transaction via the MetaMask sign tool. If you directly pressed the buy button you should have already purchased the NFT after completing all the steps, otherwise, after your account has been funded, navigate through our Big 5 Collection and purchase the NFT of your choice.

You're Done