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Empowering Artists Across Africa

African NFT partnered with 11 artists across Namibia and South Africa for its first NFT collection, the Big 5 NFT Collection. Profits are distributed proportionally between the African artists that help make the collection possible and our chosen charity, The International Rhino Foundation. African NFT is proud to work with the International Rhino Foundation (IRF), which is an international non-profit organisation that works towards the protection of 5 different endangered Rhino species around the world, and in Africa specifically, by monitoring rhinos as well as restoring their habitats.


African NFT strives to create the perfect online platform for African artists within the new sphere of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) with Australian based partner Avy. Together we provide artists with an opportunity where they can showcase and express what Africa means to them through their art through a unique learn-to-earn platform where participants can earn Avy tokens whilst learning about the blockchain technology through state of the art mining devices. African NFT and Avy strive to give African artists, who have achieved great milestones in their real-life careers, an opportunity in a new, rapidly-growing digital world through an all inclusive NFT marketplace. 


This business model ensures that African blockchain enthusiasts can interact with a company that is sustainable due to the vast amount of talented African artists who want to showcase their art to NFT enthusiasts and collectors all around the world. Exciting times are ahead for African NFT and the African blockchain industry! Visit to mint an exclusive Big 5 NFT and help us save the Rhino! To find out more about our collaboration with Avy and how you can get involved, contact us via email or social media and we’ll be in touch.

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