Empowering Artists Across Africa

As an African-based startup company, African NFT strives to create the perfect online platform for African artists within the new sphere of NFTs. We provide them with an opportunity where they can showcase their talents, express what Africa means to them through their art and have access to a global NFT marketplace. Seeing Africa and the world of blockchain art collide is what lit the spark for the creation of African NFT.


The African NFT Platform gives African artists access to the global NFT market, where their voices can be heard and their talents are seen. The NFT space has provided Africa with the opportunity to integrate its magnificent beauty, with the exciting future of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. We hope to capture the beauty of Africa in each of the NFTs we produce and that our community shares in the excitement of African culture and art.

African NFT's Mission

African NFT aims to stay ahead of the curve and uplift African art and artists in the form of NFTs. African NFT plans to do this by providing African artists with a platform on which they can gain exposure and promote their art to a global network of NFT enthusiasts. African NFT strives to give African artists, who have achieved great milestones in their real-life careers, an opportunity in a new, rapidly-growing digital world. Along with our community-driven project, we give back to organisations in need of financial assistance. By supporting Charities, African NFT aims to express its gratitude for the work that these organisations do and give back accordingly. We not only hope to elevate African artists onto the global art stage but also to empower African communities and help provide opportunities to further growth in African arts.


Why choose African NFT?

African NFT is a privately registered company which strives to give opportunities to talented African artists in the NFT space who have not had the privilege of showcasing their talent on a global scale before to a community that does not encounter authentic African art often.


This business model ensures that enthusiasts interact with a company that is sustainable due to


  1. The vast amount of talented African artists who want to showcase their art to NFT enthusiasts and collectors all around the world and;

  2. The number of charities that can benefit from this continuous donation structure. For the first African NFT project, the Big 5 collection, the company will work closely with the International Rhino Foundation (IRF). This is the ideal opportunity for individuals that seek to buy an exclusive NFT that helps charities and undiscovered African artists to make their dream a reality.

Image by Jonatan Pie


International Rhino Foundation

African NFT is proud to work with the International Rhino Foundation (IRF), which is an international non-profit organisation that works towards the protection of 5 different endangered Rhino species around the world, and in Africa specifically, by monitoring rhinos as well as restoring their habitats.


The IRF’s goal is to see a world where rhinos can thrive in the wild, without a threat to their existence. As one of the animals in the Big 5, the rhino is an iconic and majestic creature that symbolises calm prowess. It is only fitting that we not only honour this incredible animal through the African NFT artwork, but that we also contribute towards its protection, by donating a portion of our profits to the IRF. Of every Big 5 NFT sold, we donate 10% to the IRF to provide them with the financial assistance they need to carry out operations related to protecting the Rhino. 

Signal Hill Cape Town South Africa

The Team

Introducing the Faces of African NFT. These individuals work day and night to ensure consistency is represented in every aspect of our mission. From the beginning, we want to make it clear to the public who we are and what we bring to the table. The team consists of individuals from several backgrounds to form a truly unique approach to the industry.

Jesko Hoffmann

Co-Founder & Chairman

Tanja Berger

Social Coordinator

Mitchell Gatsi


Ryan de Wee


Petrus Amuthenu


James Hango


Tristan Bell

Co-Founder & CEO

Bernard Wiesner

Web Developer

Thabani Makanza

Content Creator Specialist

Emma Marshall


Frans Uunona


Katherine Hunter

Creative Director & Artist

Frans Nambinga


Homateni Ilovu


Eryn Groenewald


Tity Tshilumba


The African NFT Roadmap


African NFT partnered with 11 artists across Namibia and South Africa on its first NFT collection, the Big 5 NFT Collection. The mission of the collection is to provide these upcoming African artists with an opportunity where they can showcase their talents, express what Africa means to them through their art and have access to a global NFT community.

Profits will be distributed proportionally between the 11 African artists that help make the collection possible, our chosen charity (The International Rhino Foundation), the African NFT workforce and the rest will be reinvested back into the company to ensure that we have sufficient capital to begin our 2nd phase of the project. In addition to the automatic donation made to the IRF, utility includes holders will have exclusive access to channels within our Discord community and will be able to communicate and collaborate with them over any decisions or calls that need to be made. We want to involve our community going forward. Holders will also be able to utilize opportunities made available to them on the website for them to show what they bring to the industry to African NFT enthusiasts and visitors.



After the launch of the Big 5 NFT Collection, African NFT plans to launch an African community available to African NFT Collections, Tokens, Cryptocurrencies, Metaverses, Games etc to showcase their projects to fellow African Web3 enthusiasts all part of one community. Holders of Big 5 NFTs will be granted free promotion on the newly developed platform once it is live. African NFT will also be available for consultation sessions at a fixed rate to help enthusiasts successfully transition into the industry and to access the community effectively by using valuable knowledge accumulated by the African NFT team. 

In addition, African NFT will work with an Australian-based company, Avy Apps, on a platform that will connect African artists with a marketplace through academies across the continent. This consists of working with NGOs across Africa to educate and equip artists with the necessary information for them to have a headstart in the NFT space. Wi-Fi hotspot devices will also be introduced which enable artists to have access to an NFT marketplace whilst the company mines tokens in return.



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